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Species of the genus Hermannia Nicolet (Acari, Oribatei) from the mediterranean supralitoral

Woas, S.

1980 - Volume: 21 Issue: 1 pages: 117-132


Hermannia new species Mediterranean supralitoral


Recent taxonomical research оп the genus Hermannia (NICOLET) 1855 has shown, that this genus has to Ье subdivided into а gibba-group (genus Hermannia s. str.) and into а nodosa/subglabra-group. This subdivision is done in accordance to the remarks of V AN DER HAMMEN (1959) . As the taxonomical characters of the species of the nodosa/subglabra-group аге fairly different, additional subdivision of this group into а nodosa-and into а subglabra-group is necessary. А short description of the taxonomical data of the nodosa/subglabra-group, the nodosa-group, the subglabra-group and of three new species (Hermannia schusteri nov. spec., Hermannia intermedia nov. spec., Hermannia minuta nov. spec.) is given, all of which аге belonging to the subglabra-group.

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