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Attempts to transmit rabies to ferrets by an ixodid: Pholeoixodes rugicollis (Schulze and Schlottke, 1929)

Aubert, M.F.A.

1982 - Volume: 23 Issue: 2 pages: 125-132


Rabies virus ticks Pholeoixodes rugicollis


Essais de transmission de la rage au furet par un ixodide: Pholeoixodes rugicollis (Schulze et Schlottke, 1929). - Severa! experiments of inoculation with rabies virus were performed in the coelomic cavity of the tick: Pholeoixodes rugicollis. These ticks were unable to keep the virulence of the inoculum and unable to transmit it to their host: the ferret. Likewise, ticks were unable to keep the virulence inoculated in the skin of a ferret at the points of attachment of these parasites. In ali cases, eggs laid by ticks were avirulent. These results lead to a rejection of the hypothesis of a reservoir role played by the ticks, nevertheless, experiments with the fox and its specifie ticks are needed.

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1982 Aubert, M.F.A.
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