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Light investigations and ultrastructural investigations on spermiogenesis and spermatophore of Hermannia gibba (Oribatidae, Acari)

Waitzbauer, J.

1983 - Volume: 24 Issue: 1 pages: 95-107


Hermannia spermatophore


The testes of Hermannia gibba are strongly lobated. They are comprised of germ cells and gonial tissue - the drusiger Hodenteil - which surrounds a central hollow space. Gonial tissue cells have a lot of granular endoplasmatic reticulum and secret into the lumen of the testes, which is also reached by the mature sperms after leaving the germarial part. Spermiogenesis only takes place in those parts of the testes which have germ cells, and is characterized by the following: degeneration of cellorganells and cytoplasm; growth and condensation of the spermatid-nucleus. It is shown that this process consists of 7 stadia of spermatids. Mature sperms are round to oval and Jack a flagellum and an acrosomal complex. The membrane layer is formed in the lumen of the testes. The mixture of sperm and secretion passes through the paired vasa deferentia and the unpaired ductus ejaculatorius into the penis and is deposited in a spermatophore.

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1983 Waitzbauer, J.
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