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Biological and ecological data on the ticks of lagomorphs (and especially those of the wild rabbit, Oryctolagus cuniculus L.) in the French Alps and their surrounding countryside

Gilot, B. ; Rogers, P. and Lachet, B.

1985 - Volume: 26 Issue: 4 pages: 335-354


chorology seasonal activity ticks lagomorphs Southern Alps


Donnees biologiques et ecologiques sur les tiques de lagomorphes (et plus specialement celles du lapin de garenne, Oryctolagus cuniculus L.) dans les Alpes francaises et leur avant-pays. - In the french Alps and their surroundings, the ticks associated to Lagomorphs are either exophilous or pholeophilous species. Hares and rabbits have both sorne non-specifie species in common (Ixodes ricinus for example). The three rabbit s specifie species (Ixodes venta/loi, Haemaphysalis hispanica and Rhipicepha/ us pusil/us) are pholeophilous; yet the exophily of R. pusillus can occur so as the infestation of hares by this one is possible. The rabbit s specifie ticks differ from one another in their biology and ecology: modalities of seasonal activity, patterns of infestation, range of mammals able to act as secondary hosts, small mammals part into the cycle, distribution-species out of the Mediterrean-Area, ability or non-ability to colonize unnatural sets ... are so rouch characteristics able to differenciate the species and to have epidemiological consequences.

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1985 Gilot, B.; Rogers, P. and Lachet, B.
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