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About two new species of Pterygosomatidae, ectoparasite of Gekkonidae - Relations between host and parasite distributions

Bertrand, M. and Ineich, I.

1986 - Volume: 27 Issue: 2 pages: 141-149


Pterygosomatidae Geckobia Gekkonidae Polynesia insularity neoteny calyptostasic inhibition Ectoparasites


Sur deux nouvelles especes de pterygosomatidae ectoparasites de gekkonidae. Relations entre les distributions de l hote et du parasite - Authors describe two Pterygosomatid species Geckabia blanci n. sp. and Geckabia varaci n. sp., ectoparasitic mites of Gehyra aceanica and G. varax in French Polynesia and Vanuatu. The study of their distribution point out the Jacks in sorne populations of !izards, analysed as consequences of insularity. The ontogenetic cycle and the adaptative value of the calyptostasic inhibition as the neotenic character of the male are discussed.

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1986 Bertrand, M. and Ineich, I.
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