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Fauna of ticks in the Alsacian tick encephalitis focus

Perez, C.

1987 - Volume: 28 Issue: 1 pages: 43-47


exophilic tick endophilic tick Strasbourg


La faune des tiques dans le foyer Alsacien d encephalites a tiques - This study of tick fauna deals with both exophilic and endophilic ticks collected from vegetation and from nine species of small mammals. From 1970 to 1974 about 27 500 ticks of ali stages were collected, of which 37,1 % were obtained from mammalian host 62,5 % from vegetation. All were found to be Ixodes ricinus except for about 20 identified as Exopalpiger triangulaliceps. The unispecific nature of this fauna is discussed in relation to the particular local conditions, especially the modification of the microhabitat due to the proximity of the large city of Strasbourg.

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1987 Perez, C.
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