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Methods for classifying immature stages of some Oribatulidae species

Steiner, W.A.

1989 - Volume: 30 Issue: 1 pages: 67-79


Oribatula tibialis Zygoribatula exilis Z. propinquus Phauloppia lucorum immature stages identification


The present paper deals with the classification of the Iarval and nymphal stages of 5 Oribatulidae species. No key exists to date for the immature stages of this family. ln a first step, the different stages were grouped according to morphological characteristics of the prodorsal and notogastral regions. Unlike for the larvae and protonymphs, the deuto- and tritonymphs were clearly separated. By comparing the distribution of deuto- and tritonymphs with that of related adults in samples, both nymphal stages could be identified to species level. Using discriminant analysis, the Iarvae and protonymphs of Oribatula tibialis, Zygoribatula exilis and Z. propinquus could be weil separated. Ali stages of Phauloppia lucorum differend from other species by their larger size. Measurements are given for body size, length of sensillae, length of rostral, lamellar, interlamellar and C3 setae.

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1989 Steiner, W.A.
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