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Studies on the effect of temperature on the demographic parameters of Achipetria holomonensis (Acari, Oribatida)

Stamou, G.P.

1989 - Volume: 30 Issue: 2 pages: 171-180


Achipetria holomonensis temperature demographic parameters


The effect of constant temperature conditions on Archipteria holomonensis demographic parameters has been studied in laboratory. The experiment shows that 15-20 °C is the optimum temperature for rearing Achipteria holomonensis in laboratory. At low constant temperatures mortality of all life stages was minimum, while spermatophores and oviposition were not recorded. Development did not advance at all and animals hardly moved at w·c or remained even inactive at 5 °C. Fungal hyphae cause mortality in Achipteria holomonensis only at high temperatures (20 and 25 °C), while predation by Insecta Staphylinidae and Acari Rhodacaridae as weil as relative humidity above 70% and inundations dont affect the parameters of this species.

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1989 Stamou, G.P.
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