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Descriptions of the immature stages of Macrocheles mycotrupetes Krantz and Mellott (Acari, Macrochelidae), with remarks on form, function, and phoresy

Krantz, G.W. and Royce, L.A.

1992 - Volume: 33 Issue: 4 pages: 305-311


Postembryonic development evolution phoresy Macrochelidae


The larval and nymphal stases of M. mycotrupetes are described and illustrated, and a discussion of characters unique to this phoretic species is presented. Chief among these are the paranal extensions of the cribrum, the occurrence of five pairs of setae in the J series, and the presence of postepigynial platelets in all postlarval instars. Absence of a bidentate tooth on the movable digit of the female chelicera, and persistent deficiencies in number of tarsal sensilla, are discussed in terms of their possible significance in the evolution of phoresy in M. mycotrupetes.

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1992 Krantz, G.W. and Royce, L.A.
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