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New records of water mites from Southeast Asia (Acari: Hydrachnidia) with the description of two new genera and 12 new species

Pesic, V. and Smit, H.

2016 - Volume: 56 Issue: 3 pages: 393-433

DOI: 10.1051/acarologia/20162251


Water mites taxonomy new species Oriental region Vietnam Laos Cambodia


Twenty-one species of water mites (Acari, Hydrachnidia) were collected in 2015 during a hydrobiological survey conducted by Burkhard Scharf in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Twelve taxa new to science are described, representing the families Torrenticolidae (Torrenticola laosensis n. sp.), Limnesiidae (Limnesia scharfi n. sp.), Hygrobatidae (Vietnobates oryzae n. gen., n. sp.), Pionidae (Schwoerbelia pioniformis n. gen., n. sp., Forelia gereckei n. sp.), Aturidae (Hexaxonopsis laosensis n. sp., H. cambodiensis n. sp., H. angkoriensis n. sp., Javalbia vietnamica n. sp., Sinaxonopsis laosensis n. sp.), Athienemanniidae (Africasia purpurea n. sp.) and Arrenuridae (Arrenurus contortus n. sp.).

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© 2016 Pesic, V. and Smit, H.


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