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The water mite family Aturidae Thor, 1900 from Southeast Asia (Acari: Hydrachnidia) with the description of one new genus and 14 new species

Smit, H.

2016 - Volume: 56 Issue: 3 pages: 341-365


Oriental region systematics new species


New records are given of members of the water mite family Aturidae from Thailand and Malaysia. The subgenus Javalbicula K.O. Viets, 1974 of the genus Javalbia is synonymized with Javalbiopsis Cook. One new genus is described, viz. Siamaxonopsis n. gen., and the following new species are described: Albaxona elongata n. sp., Brachypodopsis thailandicus n. sp., Hexaxonopsis reticulata n. sp., H. monouncata n. sp., Javalbia discrepans n. sp., J. lineata n. sp., J. siamis n. sp., J. magna n. sp., J. nova n. sp., J. rotunda n. sp., Paraxonopsis separata n. sp., Siamaxonopsis ypsilon n.sp., Sinaxonopsis siamicus n. sp. and Vicinaxonopsis costata n. sp. A (partial) redescription is given for the male of Brachypodopsis baumi (Halík). The female of Javalbia solitaria Smit and Pešic is described for the first time. New records are given for the genera Aturus Kramer, Axonopsis Piersig, Brachypodopsis Piersig, Javalbia Viets and Albia Thon from Thailand and/or Malaysia.

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2016 Smit, H.
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