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The masked torrent mite, Torrenticola larvata n. sp. (Acari: Hydrachnidia: Torrenticolidae): a water mite endemic to the Ouachita Mountains of North America

Cheri, C.R. ; Fisher, J.R. and Dowling, A.P.G.

2016 - Volume: 56 Issue: 2 pages: 245-256
ZooBank LSID: C8F8A691-09B8-4404-983C-71447F9EBC21


Trombidiformes Prostigmata Hydrachnidia Hydrachnidiae endemism


Torrenticola larvata n. sp. is described from the Interior Highlands of North America. Given the absence of this species from surrounding collecting events, this species is proposed to be endemic to the Ouachita Mountains of Arkansas, USA. The present study reveals significant morphological features in T. larvata that distinguish it from similar species (e.g., T. trimaculata Fisher, 2015). Adult T. larvata are most easily differentiated from other Torrenticola by their unique color pattern, with dorsal pigmentation restricted to the anterio-medial platelets and adjacent areas and occasionally with pigmentation posteriorly. Further, T. larvata, particularly the males, are more rectangular than other species found in eastern North America.

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2016 04-08
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2016 Cheri, C.R.; Fisher, J.R. and Dowling, A.P.G.
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