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Contribution to the knowledge of carabodid oribatid mites (Acari, Oribatida, Carabodidae) of Cuba

Ermilov, S.G.

2016 - Volume: 56 Issue: 1 pages: 33-43


oribatid mites Carabodidae new species morphology systematics key record fauna Cuba


Two new species of oribatid mites of the family Carabodidae are described from leaf litter in forest of Cayo Santa Maria, Cuba. Carabodes paravenezolanus n. sp. is morphologically most similar to C. venezolanus Subías and Arillo, 2004, but it differs from the latter by the convex notogaster, bothridial setae with clear, flattened heads, notogaster without tubercles and epimere I with three pairs of setae. Gymnobodes minimus n. sp. is morphologically most similar to G. fraterculus (Balogh, 1963) and G. subnudus (Balogh, 1963), but it differs from both by the centro-dorsal part of notogaster with strong, well separated tubercles. An identification key to known species of Gymnobodes is given. The genus Gymnobodes is recorded for the first time in the Neotropical region. The genus Kalloia and the species Kalloia simpliseta Mahunka, 1985 are recorded for the first time in Cuban fauna.

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