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Review of Indotritia (Acari, Oribatida, Oribotritiidae) with a world checklist, a key to all known species, and a description of a new species from China

Liu, D.

2015 - Volume: 55 Issue: 4 pages: 397-416

DOI: 10.1051/acarologia/20152179


The oribatid mite genus Indotritia Jacot, 1929 (Oribotritiidae) is reviewed. A new species of Indotritia (Indotritia) collected from litter in Tumen, China, Indotritia (Indotritia) tumenensis n. sp., is described and illustrated. Two species, Indotritia (Indotritia) javensis (Sellnick, 1923) and Indotritia (Indotritia) undulata Bayoumi & Mahunka, 1979, are redescribed according to Chinese specimens. Indotritia (I.) javensis shows a jumping ability according to personal observations. A comprehensive checklist and keys to known species of this genus of the world and for each biogeographic region are provided to facilitate determination and future taxonomic studies.

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© 2015 Liu, D.


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