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Carinozetes nov. gen. (Acari: Oribatida) from Bermuda and remarks on the present status of the family Selenoribatidae

Pfingstl, T. and Schuster, R.

2012 - Volume: 52 Issue: 4 pages: 377-409


Ameronothroidea taxonomy juveniles plastron zoogeography


Two new species, Carinozetes trifoveatus and C. bermudensis, are reported from intertidal habitats of the archipelago of Bermuda. These species represent a new genus of the family Selenoribatidae and are characterized by a pair of ventral keels crossing the anterior epimeral region longitudinally. The juvenile stages of Carinozetes show a centrodorsal plate framed by plicate integument, typical for selenoribatid immatures. The cerotegument of both, adults and juveniles, retains air to the body surface when flooded, enabling the animals to breathe underwater. The morphological comparison with other members of Selenoribatidae indicates the closest relation to the genus Schusteria. A review of the literature showed that Schuster, 1963, instead of Grandjean, 1966, must be quoted as author of the family Selenoribatidae. Further the present classification of the genus Schusteria is partly based on misinterpreted information and therefore questionable. A thorough revision will be needed to solve this problem and to assess the real biodiversity of this group.

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2012 Pfingstl, T. and Schuster, R.
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