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Dugès’ caudatus is a Tenuipalpidae and not a Tydeidae (Acari)

André, H.M.

2011 - Volume: 51 Issue: 1 pages: 69-85


Tenuipalpus caudatus Tydeus caudatus Tydeus goetzi redescription Montpellier France Viburnum tinus neotype


Depending on the publication consulted, Dugès’ caudatus is a mite listed either in the Tenuipalpidae, or in the Tydeidae, or in both. The name varies accordingly and the species is called either Tenuipalpus caudatus (Dugès, 1834) or Tydeus caudatus (Dugès, 1834). A transect was conducted on laurustinus shrubs (Viburnum tinus) around Montpellier (France) to retrieve the species described by Dugès. It results that Dugès’ caudatus is probably a Tenuipalpidae and not a Tydeidae. Tenuipalpus caudatus (Dugès, 1834) is redescribed from specimens collected in Montpellier and a neotype is deposited in Paris. The most frequent tydeid observed on Viburnum tinus in Montpellier was Tydeus goetzi Schruft, 1972, a redescription is also given. Tydeus caudatus (Dugès, 1834) is not a valid name anymore.

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