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A new species of the genus Rhinophytoptus Liro (Phyllocoptinae: Eriophyoidea) on Prunus avium L., P. cerasus L. and P. spinosa L

Domes, R.

1998 - Volume: 39 Issue: 1 pages: 63-68


Eriophyoidea Rhinophytoptus new species Germany


A new species, Rhinophytoptus avium, is described from Germany. It is a vagrant with a preference for the under-surface of leaves of Prumus avium L., P. cerasus L. and P. spinosa L. When numerous, this species causes yellow patches, brownish discoloration, curling or deformation of young leaves, but it does not injure old leaves. The deutogynes hibernate at the base of buds. Protogyne females appear at the beginning, and males in the middle of June. The nymphal stage differs from others by dorsal tubercles, in conjunction with bottle-like middle part bearing long dorsal setae.

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1998 Domes, R.
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