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A checklist of the water mites of France (Acari: Hydrachnidia)

Smit, H. and Gerecke, R.

2010 - Volume: 50 Issue: 1 pages: 21-91


Acari Hydrachnidia France checklist distribution


A review is given of all species reported from France. In total, 420 species and seven subspecies have been found in France. The following synonyms are established: Atractides vandeli Angelier, Decamps and Rey as a synonym of A. phreaticus Motas and Tanasachi, Atractides fonticolus gallicus Angelier, Decamps and Rey as a synonym of A. spinipes Koch and Barbaxonella pilosa Angelier, Decamps and Rey as a synonym of B. angulata (K. Viets). The following species are reported for the first time: Atractides orghidani Motas and Tanasachi, Hydrachna goldfeldi Thor, Hydrodroma pilosa Besseling, Limnesia curvipalpis Tuzovskij, Limnesia undulatoides Davids, Piona ambigua (Piersig), Forelia curvipalpis K. Viets, Mideopsis roztoczensis Biesiadka and Kowalik, Arrenurus octagonus Halbert and Arrenurus tubulator (Muller). Moreover, Arrenurus affinis Koenike is reported for the first time with certainty. For each species, all references are given which contain geographical information about their occurrence in France. Numerous new records are given, especially of species from standing waters.

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2010 Smit, H. and Gerecke, R.
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