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Mites in Baltic Sea coastal habitats (Akmensrags, Latvia) with special reference to Mesostigmata

Salmane, I. and Spungis, V.

2008 - Volume: 48 Issue: 3-4 pages: 163-170


Acariformes Oribatida Mesostigmata species composition spatial distribution coastal habitats


Mites of grey dune soil were studied near Akmensrags in Latvia, the eastern Baltic Sea coast. Thirty-three Mesostigmata species were recorded. About half of them belonged to the Phytoseiidae. Asca bicornis, Zercon carpathicus and Amblyseius meridionalis were the most abundant. Protodinychus punctatus and Amblyseius nemorivagus were newto the fauna of Latvia. A spatial distribution of Oribatida and other Acariformes, and Mesostigmata along the coastal dune habitats was analysed. Mites had taxa-specific distribution along the dune habitat gradient.

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