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The first report of the acarine suborder Opilioacarida from India, with description of new genus, Indiacarus, and a new species, Indiacarus pratyushi

Das, N.P.I. and Bastawade, D.B.

2007 - Volume: 47 Issue: 1-2 pages: 3-11


Opilioacarida Indiacarus Western Ghats India


A recent collection of Opilioacarids from Lohgarh (Western Ghats), Lonavala, District Pune, India, is the first report of the suborder Opilioacarida from the Indian subcontinent. Based on a comparative study of these specimens we propose a new genus Indiacarus gen. nov. with type species Indiacarus pratyushi sp. nov. The presence of two setae on the basal segment of chelicarae, four dentitions on the movable finger of chelicerae, and setae on the ovipositor, as well as legs I that are twice as long as the idiosoma give the genus its characteristic features. This reporting of opilioararids from India raised the scope of further study of opilioacarid diversity from Indian subcontinent.

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© 2007 Das, N.P.I. and Bastawade, D.B.


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