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A new subsepcies of Halozetes belgicae (Acari, Oribatida, Ameronothridae) from the marine supra-littoral of the sub-Antarctic Marion Island

Coetzee, L.

1999 - Volume: 40 Issue: 4 pages: 439-447


taxonomy Ameronothridae Halozetes sub-Antarctic Marion Island


Material from the sub-Antarctic Marion Island contains a new subspecies of Halozetes belgicae (Michael, 1903), described here as Halozetes belgicae mickii ssp. nov. A comparison of the belgicae-group, which consists of H. b. belgicae, H. b. brevipilis, H. b. longisetae and H. b. mickii ssp. nov., and probably H. otagoensis and H. impeditus (provisionally included, based on he degree of aggenital neotrichy and the shape of the pregenital ridge in females) is made. Ontogenetic development and leg chetotaxy of the new subspecies are also given. the defining characters of the new subspecies are: thriteen pairs of notogastral setae; rostral setae long, slender and smooth; lamellar setae short, stout and smooth; interlamellar setae long, barbed and thick; aggenital neotrichy present in males; semi-circular pregenital ridge present in females.

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1999 Coetzee, L.
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