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Culicidae and water mites: parasitism under Mediterranean climatic conditions

Mathieu, B. ; Bertrand, L. ; Peyrusse, V. ; Schaffner, F. and Bertrand, M.

2007 - Volume: 47 Issue: 1-2 pages: 55-61


water mites mosquitoes parasite Culex pipiens Arrenurus dispersion Ochlerotatus caspius Thyas host parasite interactions


Under Mediterranean climatic condition and by a large survey of parasitism on adult Culicidae, two models of host and parasite relationships are compared. Culex pipiens (wintering female) and Arrenurus sp. are characteristic of permanent inland water and Ochlerotatus caspius (wintering eggs) and Thyas barbigera, from salt or brackish water and temporary ponds. The seasonal variation of load (nb mites/indiv.) can be explained by the shorter development of the host, and by traits of life in more or less unpredictable environment. Parasitism cannot control the pullulating mosquitoes except during some weeks, at the end the most favourable periods for culicids.

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2007 Mathieu, B.; Bertrand, L.; Peyrusse, V.; Schaffner, F. and Bertrand, M.
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