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Chemical investigation of the lipoidal matter of Glossostemon bruguieri and the acaricidal activity of its unsaponifiable fraction

El-Gengaihi, S.E. ; Ibrahim, N.A. and Amer, S.A.A.

1999 - Volume: 40 Issue: 2 pages: 199-204


moghat unsaponifiable saponifiable acaricidal effect


The unsaponifiable matter (USM) and the total fatty acid methyl eater (FAME) fractions of Glossostemon bruguieri (Desf.) growing in Egypt were determined far seeds, leaves and roots. Qualitative and quantitative variations were found by GLC analysis of the USM of the three botanical parts. Analysis of FAME revealed that palmitic, stearic, oleic and linoleic were the main fatty acids in the investigated botanical parts. Moreover, acaricidal activity of the unsaponifiable matter of each organ was performed, from which the leaves was the most toxic to both adult and egg stages of Tetranychus urticae Koch.

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1999 El-Gengaihi, S.E.; Ibrahim, N.A. and Amer, S.A.A.
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