The Center for Biology and Management of Populations

A new CBGP website is under construction (March 10, 2015)




The CBGP (a joint research unit INRA/IRD/CIRAD/AGRO.M) carries out research in the fields of systematics, genetics and ecology relevant to the management of populations and communities of organisms for the purposes of agriculture, public health and biodiversity.

This research seeks to elaborate the conceptual and theoretic approaches, and the tools (molecular and bioinformatic), necessary to manage such organisms either through biological control or conservation strategies. The goal is to manage interacting communities which respond to global changes. A range of biological model systems allow empirical testing of the theory and tools under development: arthropod, nematode and rodent systems along with the communities with which they may be associated.

The CBGP has a resource of expertise in systematics, and maintains reference collections and databases for entomology, acarology, nematology and mammalogy. The latest molecular tools are used increase the efficiency and accuracy of taxonomic identification. The CBGP has developed numerous collaborations with tropical taxonomists based on this resource.