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Natural diversity

How to order?

Choosing materials - basket :

Selecting accession may occur via menu Catalogue for Inbred Lines and Core Collections.
Select each item you need and click on the basket (usually on the right hand side of the window or the page). The accession or core collection will be added to your basket.
A sample of the reference line Jemalong A17 is added to every core collection.
Only one sample of each inbred line will by sent per request.
If you know the references you need, you can order directly by mail to CRB Medicago truncatula curator.

Viewing / editing your basket:

To view your basket click on the ' Basket' icon on the right hand of the window.
To remove an item click on the remove button next to the accession reference. Then edit the basket again.

Ordering accessions in your Basket:

When you are ready to proceed to the checkout, edit your basket, save it as pdf and send it by mail to CRB Medicago truncatula curator.

Samples size:

Samples size are standardized:
Inbred lines: 25 seeds
Recombinant inbred lines: 25 seeds from each line, 200 seeds from each parent line
For specific needs, please contact curator.

MTA and import permit :

Material Transfert Agreement: All material require the signing of a Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) before they can be dispatched.
As soon as we will receive your order, we will send you a MTA to be signed and dated.
As soon as we will receive this document signed and dated, we will prepare the shipping.
The minimum delay for shipping is one month for ordinary request. This delay can be more inportant for special request or if the shipment needs phytosanitary certificate or other administrative paper.
Import permit: According to your country you may need to fax us a import permit together with your request of seeds. Without this document, seeds may be destroyed by the quarantine services when entering your country.
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