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Advices for growing plants and store seeds of Medicago truncatula, littoralis and other annual medics

Here are some advices to beginners in growing Medicago truncatula for scientific purpose (limited to the culture under glasshouse, in soil). They concern main topics one must be carefull with. If you need more details or if you want a new topic to be added in this chapter, please contact curator.
In this page you will find advices concerning :

Growth medium :

After trying out several compost mixes we have found one reference of commercially available composts that give good results.
For imbibed seed sowing we recommend to use Fertiss propagation plugs ready to use (the plugs are available in several sizes, they are composed by blond sphagnum peat, perlite, vermiculite and aquamix - 180 mL/m3). Specifications of these plugs :
dry material : 40% rough material ; organic matter : 70% of DM ; water capacity : 750 mL/L ; conductivity : 0.25 mS/cm ; pH (H2O-NF U44-308-fev 2000) : 6 ; for further detail plese contact FERTISS.
When plantlets reaches the stage one to three leaves opened, you can very easily take the plugs and replant them in a pot full of soil compost. The growing substrate we use is SP Grossier code 77 from KLASSMAN. The specifications of this substrate are : fertilization 1.5 kg/m3 ; N : 120 mg/L ; P : 75 mg/L ; K : 110 mg/L ; Mg : 15 mg/L; plus iron and oligo-elements ; pH (H2O-NF U44-308-fev 2000) is 6.2 +/- 0.3.

Of course, it is possible to sow directly in the growing substrate, even if its structure is rough, very light and slightly acid. But if the ssed is viable, the plugs allows near 100% of success whereas direct sowing will be a little bit smaller.
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